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Benefits of Routine Preventative Maintenance

Lower the risk of repairs

Problems with your air conditioning system can be like a domino effect, where the start of one problem can create additional problems. Some examples of problems are: restricted air flow, restricted coils, and an incorrect refrigerant charge, just to name a few. Routine maintenance can help prevent problems before they start. Any problems that occur should be addressed and corrected as soon as possible to prevent additional component failures, as well as other issues like poor indoor air quality and water damage.

Improve the air you breathe

All of the air you breathe in your home is cycled through the air conditioning system. The blower wheel and cooling coil should be routinely inspected to address any buildup of debris and biological growth. In most instances this can be cleaned during a routine maintenance, however if it is determined that excessive buildup is occurring an evaluation should be done to determine the underlying cause.

Maintain or improve your energy bills

An air conditioning system working at factory specifications will produce the lowest energy bill. Routine maintenance will help to prevent inefficiencies that increase the cost to cool and heat your home. If your system hasn't been regularly maintained there could be a great opportunity to lower your energy bill.

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